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L  O  N  G      A  R  M      K  I  T :




Parts Included:



Modified and Rebuilt Lower Control Arms w/ New Poly Bushings


Modified and Rebuilt Upper Control Arms w/ New Poly Bushings


Upper Control Arms Extension Brackets w/ Grade 8 Hardware


Hex Bar Tie Rod Adjusting Sleees w/ RH & LH Jam Nuts


DOT Approved 18" long Stainless Steel Braded Brake Lines w/ Attachment HW



Parts Not Included:




Aftermarket Torsion Bars: 24-26mm dia. (stock is 22mm)

Sway Away: part #1646  Click here

North West Off Road: part # N72510  Click Here 

Camel 4x4: part # TOY026 Click here

Old Man Emu: part # 303003

Rancho (24mm) 1632 LH, 1633 RH (only available used)

Downey (26mm) part #48186 (only available used)



Bilstein: part # 24-185745  Click here

Or select a shock designed for a 4" Drop Bracket Lift Kit  Click here


CV Axles:  Source from a 1994-1998 Toyota T-100 4x4

Autozone click here

Oreilly  click here

Napa  click here